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Is your drain blocked? We understand that it is often difficult to know exactly what is wrong. You can only see the leaking sewer, the overflowing drain or blocked drain and the resultant mess. Regardless of the problem and the possible causes, you can count on us here at Plumbing on Tap Lewes to deliver the right solutions.

We Unblock Drains in Lewes

Plumbing on Tap Lewes is the name you can call if you are looking for the following solutions:

  • Blockage investigation
  • Blocked toilets repairs
  • Blocked sinks repairs
  • Slow draining sinks and bathtubs repairs
  • Roding and plunging
  • ..And more

Through all our projects, we make use of state-of-the art equipment including pressure washers and CCTV cameras to ensure that we deliver long lasting solutions that tackle the root cause. Call us today to restore the smooth flow of your drains. We help protect your property against damage and improve your comfort.

Can you get a fixed price to unblock drains in Lewes?

We are firm believers in affordable pricing on all our services. We will provide you with a clear quote on your drain unblocking project and there are no special fees added afterwards.

We will not charge you any special fees for mechanical or jetting equipment. Our fees have everything already priced in.

CCTV Inspection for to unblock in Lewes

When you call on us here at Plumbing on Tap Lewes, you can take advantage of our CCTV camera inspections. We use this approach to quickly pinpoint problems with faulty drains and sewers remotely. The high resolution images returned show us possible problems and we are able to set to work if need be. We can see the exact problem and we then devise the simplest method to tackle the problem. We can also provide you with a comprehensive report that can presented to your insurance company or similar bodies. Our CCTV inspection helps you save digging costs and ensures minimal to no disruptions around your property.

How do I get drain cleaning experts in Lewes?

Hard water scale build up means the functionality of your drainage system will reduce over a period of time. Even when there are no immediate problems, cleaning your drain regularly is the best way to maintain overall system. Our Lewes plumbers are experienced in not just cleaning, but also bringing your piping systems to their original diameter.

At Plumbing on-Tap Lewes, we are also experienced in using power flush services to clean your water drainage system. This technique and the quality of our equipment allow us to get rid of sediment and other forms of debris from your system.

Talk to Plumbing On-Tap Lewes Today!

We provide you with free and transparent estimates for all your drain unblocking needs. Do you want us on your residential or commercial drain unblocking project in Lewes? Give us a call today on 01273 783060.

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