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Your central heating system generatesand circulates heat throughout your home.With the appropriate central heating installed and working, you are guaranteed all year round comfort. If your central heating has gone wrong, you are probably looking for it to be fixed quickly!

We are Lewes central heating specialists that can repair, maintain and install central heating systems with great proficiency, efficiency and at very competitive prices.

What type of central heating system can we install in your home in Lewes?

If you are looking to replace an old or broken central heating system, our experts at Plumbing on Tap are more than happy to recommend and install a better system that will keep your home and family safe and warm.

Having the right heating system to meets your home’s heating needsinstalled is important. Not onlybecause it ensures comfort but also because the right system will save you money on heating bills.

We can set up either a Gas or Electric heating system for you.

Electric Heating which is also known as resistance heating works byconverting electricity to heat and circulating said heat around your home.

Running an electric heating system is in usually more expensive than running a heating system that works with combustibles such as natural gas, propane, or oil. But electric systems have the advantage of being safer to run in a home. Electric central heating systems are becoming better and better, and they can currently replace a small to medium sized gas system.

With electric central heating installed by us, your home gets a source of hot water and a central heating system all rolled into one convenient package.

Gas Central Heating is the most commonly used heating system in Lewes and Hove homes, as well as across the UK today. You can usually find them in one of the three forms; Gravity Fed, High Pressure and Combi Boilers.

Combination/Combi Boiler are the most commonly installed. This heating system is capable of heating water and has the advantage of removing the need for a hot water storage. It is the ideal option for less spacious homes because it requiresvery little space for installation.

The primary advantage of a gas heating system over an electrical one isit is generally cheaper per unit. Aside from that, newer gas models are becoming more and more efficient at generating heat and consuming less fuel. We usually recommend Worcester Gas Boilers to our clients because of their reliability, versatile features, and impressive 7-year warranty.

How do you get maintenance of a central heating system in Lewes?

Whether you have a gas or electric system installed, our experts at Plumbing on Tap are more than capable of providing services that will meet your maintenance needs. If you have a gas heating system in place, we strongly advice you never attempt repairing or maintaining it yourself. Your safety is important to us so please call us for a Gas Safety certified engineer.

Whether you needinstallation or maintenance of a centralheating system, our experts at Plumbing on Tap are available to respond to your needs within 24 hours in Lewes. Our services and solutions deliver results of the highest standards. For exemplary plumbing and heating services in Lewes, contact us on 01273 783060.

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