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At Plumbing On-Tap Worthing, we have made a name as one of the best plumbing partners for managing agents in Lewes and nearby areas. We maintain a relationship with agents managing dozens of properties across the area, offering them superb heating and plumbing services. We have served managing agents well for years and we are certain we can serve you too.

Some of the projects we undertake for managing agents include design and implementation of complete central heating and boiler installations, bathroom and toilet repairs and regular maintenance and gas safety checks.

Experienced Plumbers in Lewes You Can Count On

When you choose Plumbing on Tap as your preferred option for your property management, you get plumbers that:

  • Have all the right certifications from the Gas Register (ensures we are adequately qualified and trained to conduct gas safety inspections and repair/replace residential gas based heating systems.)
  • Are readily available to visit your home on appointment (we can dispatch them faster during emergencies).
  • Are readily available to visit your home on appointment (we can dispatch them faster during emergencies)
  • Are consummate professionals and highly courteous (communication is our forte here at Plumbing On Tap Lewes as we will stay in touch and give you regular updates)
  • Available for specific time appointments (we won’t give vague “morning” and “afternoon” appointments that will have you waiting hours or disrupting your schedule. We will come exactly when we promised).

Additional Reasons Why Plumbing on Tap is the Best in Lewes

Some of the additional reasons why property managers across Lewes choose us include:

  • We operate an emergency desk that is open round the clock, all year round and we don’t charge extortionate call out fees.
  • Our typical working hours are between Monday and Friday and we honour appointments from 8am to 5pm.
  • Our response times are one of the best in the Lewes area and we offer some of the most competitive rates you can find anywhere.
  • Managing agents that trust us with keys to a property don’t have to sweat over getting them back. We will only keep your key if we need to work on the property over multiple days, in which case we will already inform you ahead of time.
  • When we need to order parts in order to fully repair systems like heating on your property, we will provide setups where there are occupants. This is to ensure their comfort pending when we complete the repair process. We do not charge for this service!

Call Plumbing on Tap Lewes Now To Get Started

If you want to experience the Plumbing on Tap Lewes relationship with managing agents, give us a call right away and you will be glad you did. We are waiting to go to your work on your property.Regardless of what you expect us to do, we are certain of delivering full value to you. Give us a call now on 01273 783060 for consultations and free quotes.

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