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When does a boiler need maintenance or repair?

A boiler might require the attention of our experts when you notice any of the following;

  1. The boiler’s pilot light is out. This can be caused by a lack of gas supply to the boiler due to a broken thermocouple – something our experts can have fixed quickly.
  2. Faulty thermostat. A broken boiler thermostat can start giving inaccurate readings or begin incessantly turning the heating off/on without being touched. In the event of this, we recommend replacing the thermostat has the safest and best option.
  3. Boiler emitting whistling sounds and other strange noises. Low water pressure can cause this, or it can be a sign of imminent pump failure.
  4. A drop in pressure. This can cause the central heating system to function ineffectively.
  5. Waste from the heating system is not draining out the outflow pipe. This can be caused by debris or a pipe being frozen.
  6. Boiler not generating sufficient heat or heated water. This can be due to a broken diaphragm or airlock, or a thermostat fault, among other things.
  7. Improper distribution of heat across the radiator.
  8. The boiler is leaking.

If you are in the Lewes area and your boiler is exhibiting any of the above faults, or others, simply call us at Plumbing on Tap on 01273 783060. Within 24 hours, we’ll be at your Lewes location to make your boiler problem go away. If it’s an emergency when can normally get to you within hours.

How is maintenance performed on a boiler?

Our experts at Plumbing on Tap strongly advise that you never try fixing a fault with your boiler by yourself. It is a risky exercise and your safety is important to us. Rather than risk your home or family’s safety, seek the maintenance servicesof friendly engineers who are Gas Safe registered.

We can fix and keep your boiler healthy and optimally functioning by systematically carrying out the following maintenance;

  1. Bleed the radiators.
  2. Power flush the boiler’s system to clear it of all sludge.
  3. If needed, replace defective or broken valves.
  4. Fine-tuning and balancing of radiators in larger homes.
  5. Ensuring all fans in the boiler system are optimally running.
  6. Ensuring all boiler seals are intact and not in any way compromised.
  7. If necessary, our experts will use a flue gas analyser to make sure your boiler is burning the appropriate mix of air and gas.
  8. Ensure all electrical connections, especially to the thermostat, are properly connected and in top working condition.
  9. Screen the boiler system to ensure all electrodes are functioning properly.
  10. Check that all safety measures and devices are activated and functioning.
  11. Make sure there is no blockage in your boiler’s condensate pipe.

Contact us now on 01273 783060 to have our specially trained and certified Lewes boiler maintenance engineers give your boiler an expert once over.

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