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Plumbing on Tap: The Services We Offer in Lewes and the Greater Sussex Area

We are equipped to provide the full range of plumbing services. Maybe you’ve got a leaking tap? Or maybe you require planned or emergency response plumbing for your heating or drainage systems? Whatever the job, Plumbing on Tap promises to provide you with the same high standard of service that our reputation for trustworthiness and reliability has been built upon. Here are just some of the services we provide:

Our team of residential plumbers knows how inconvenient a plumbing malfunction can be; that’s why we are always prepared to offer the widest possible range of services. Whatever job you require us to do – and we consider no job to be too small! – will be backed up by a Quality Guarantee. We have a reputation to uphold!

Non-urgent plumbing jobs are important to us. It doesn’t matter if you need a ball valve replaced in your home or the full installation of a bathroom suite at your commercial premises.

To our customers we make this promise. Our team of expert plumbers will be on hand to deal with your request within a time frame of 24 hours.

Non-urgent plumbing work will be undertaken with the same attention to detail as any other work we do and will be completed according to the high standards of workmanship for which Plumbing on Tap is renowned.

Let’s now look at some of the issues we encounter on a daily basis.

Leaking pipes in Lewes?

Water leaks are one of the most common issues we encounter. The problem is that pipes can leak for weeks, or even months, on end without anyone recognising anything is wrong. Until there is an emergency! And then you may left with increased utility bills or, in a worse-case scenario, with unpleasant health issues because untreated water leaks can lead to damp and mould.

No-one can pretend that locating water leaks is always the easiest job for a plumber – indeed, they can be horribly difficult to find. At Plumbing on Tap we make use of the latest technologies and, where identifying and repairing leaks and cracks – however minor they seem – is concerned, our plumbers are no novices. If anyone knows where to look, we do!

Frozen and burst pipes in Lewes?

Many households experience problems with frozen pipes during cold spells. All kinds of pipe work can be affected: traditional copper pipes or even insulated lagged pipes. Plumbing on Tap knows that many householders attempt to fix the problem of frozen pipes themselves but we do not recommend that you take this course of action. Without the skills of a trained plumbing professional, frozen pipes can end up developing leaks and, in the worst cases, bursting.

We work with plumbing contractors with proven expertise in dealing with frozen pipes and our methods are both safe and effective. Furthermore, we consider it our duty to discuss with our customers how to minimise the risks associated with this common problem in the future.

Drain cleaning and unblocking services in Lewes

We can usually unblock drains within half an hour thanks to our dedicated drainage team who, with many years of experience between them, have carried out all kinds of cleaning and unblocking services in plumbing installations.

Equipped with the latest technology – including CCTV blockage detection systems and state of the art jetting units – we can easily locate blocking issues. Whether we’re talking about blocked toilets, slow draining showers or kitchen sinks – our fully-qualified plumbing contractors will not only be on hand to fix your problem but furthermore, to provide preventative maintenance services.

Tank and Overflow Services in Lewes

A water tank usually lasts for between 10-15 years. That’s due to corrosion which occurs in soft water areas and is liable to cause all kinds of damage, like breakdowns and leaks, in a tank. If that’s not bad enough, rust and pinhole leaks brought about by bad weather increase threats to the smooth operation of your tank. A replacement service is often necessary.

We can help prolong the life of your water tank in many ways. We can provide lagging and insulation, we repair leaks, we clean ball valves, we do water chlorination, we fix tank overflows and, where necessary, remove limescale deposits. You can rely on Plumbing on Tap to do everything we can to maintain your water tank.

We also have a specialist team for repairing leaks, splitting, and overheating in tanks that work with electric immersion heaters.

And, of course when it becomes necessary, our contractors will be on hand to replace your old water tank and install a new one for you.

Toilet Repair and Installation Services

Plumbing on Tap provides hygienic, rapid, and professional toilet repair services that include unblocking toilets and fixing malfunctioning flushing mechanisms, changing ball valves, replacing handles, repairing leaking cisterns, installing new toilet units and seats (which would include Saniflow units), and the fitting of syphon units.

We always use top quality supplies and parts for our toilet repair and installation services.

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