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Our experts at Plumbing on Tap recommend routine power flushing of a boiler system to keep it at optimal performance for a long time to come. Power flushing is the process of removing all sorts of debris and contaminants, be they sludge or rust from the inner workings of your home’s central heating system.

Over time, the combination of lime scale, old water, and metal bits from your boiler’s piping forms a thick sludgy substance. The blockage caused by the sludge can lead to poor heat distribution in radiators, poorly heated water, strange sounds emanating from the boiler system, and inexplicably high energy bills.

When we perform a power flush on your boiler with our expert equipment, you can expect your boiler to begin working like it’s practically brand new.

When are we needed to Power Flush your heating system in Lewes?

If you do not have your heating system power flushed as at when due, you can expect your boiler to start showing the following symptoms before an imminent breakdown.

  1. The boiler begins intermittently powering itself on and off for no obvious reason
  2. The hot water supply from your boiler becomes unstable, intermittently ranging between hot and cold
  3. The heating system starts emitting strange noises such as banging or kettling
  4. The radiator takes longer than usual to heat up or heats unevenly

These listed symptoms are not exhaustive but at least you now have an idea of what to look out for.

Not having your heating system power flushed by experts like us can lead to costly damage of your boiler system.

As part of our routine maintenance services, we offer a full scale power flushing to keep your boiler system in tiptop shape.

What are the benefits of having us power flush your central heating system?

Having our experts at Plumbing on Tap power flush your system will yield the following benefits;

  1. Increase the working lifespan of your central heating system: Clearing your boiler system of sludge means there will be less dirt or debris to damage the mechanics of your central heating. This results in you being able to enjoy your boiler for a long time to come as long as you routinely have the system maintained.
  2. Increased efficiency of the heating system: With less obstacles or sludge in the system, your boiler can perform at optimal capacity.
  3. Reduced cost of heating: Your energy bill is significantly reduced when your heating system is properly functioning rather than labouring to function. Also a properly functioning boiler heats up faster which mean less energy is consumed to run it.
  4. Other benefits include; a quietly functioning heating system, and hotter water and radiators.

Our experts at Plumbing on Tap are available to perform a quick power flush and any other maintenance to your heating system within 24 hours of being called. If you need our services in the Lewes area, simply contact us on 01273 783060 for exemplary plumbing solutions that will get your systems running smoothly again.

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