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Plumbing on Tap: Now we can call ourselves a Which? Trusted Trader

The Which? brand is one with which we are proud to be associated. For many years now Which? has been testing all kinds of products and appliances – be it dishwashers, cars or power tools – and offering the kind of expert advice that it would be unwise to ignore.

Now they’ve gone one step further and have started to assess the quality of traders like Plumbing on Tap. Believe us when we say that the Which? test is no walk in the park. Which you would not want it to be. Customers require the best quality service and traders, like ourselves, require the business and recognition we deserve.

Peace of Mind

The right to display the Which? Trusted trader logo is not one to be taken lightly and it also brings with it practical benefits for trader and customer alike.

Which? Trusted traders are expected to follow a code of conduct which demands openness, which allows the customer to be fully aware of their rights, which shows diligence in both the quality of our work and the choice of products we use and a willingness to explain just what our guarantees mean.

The Which? document, ‘What is expected of you’ (link here?) addresses both trader and customer. It sets out the minutiae of what is expected from us as professionals, covering all kinds of issues including courtesy, health and safety compliance, making sure that matters relating to payment are fully understood and making the customer aware of what can be done in those unfortunate circumstances when there are unresolved issues at the end of the job.

If you, as the customer, have ever been the victim of problems associated with poor workmanship then the document sets out how many of these can be avoided. There are sections on what to do if the contract is signed but the trader doesn’t turn up or what to do if the work is not finished on time. And if the work is unsatisfactory or if you feel entitled to a refund then the document takes all this on board.

Obviously there are matters that may need your attention with some of the more complicated jobs we do (relating to building regulations and planning permission regulations, for example), and these are also set out in What is expected of you’.

But, please remember, Plumbing on Tap became a Which? Trusted trader because long ago we made it a point to observe the best practice. We are proud that Which? has given us the recognition that we do just that, that we are a trustworthy company and one that we hope you will soon want to do business with.

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