Lewes Plumber & Boiler Repair

Boiler problems are just an unfortunate fact of life, and they often cause huge headaches for homeowners, landlords and businesspeople. Central heating is an essential service, so when your boiler breaks down you need it fixed quickly. You also need it fixed as cheaply as possible. That’s where we come in.

Boilers can be complicated and impenetrable machines. That’s why you need a truly skilled heating technician. Our Gas Safe registered engineers have the industry leading skills to find out exactly what is wrong with a boiler quickly. That means you don’t pay for hours of investigation time. We just go in, determine what is wrong, and fix it for you as quickly as possible, with no head scratching or confusion that you have to pay for.

If we can repair your boiler without replacing any parts, we’ll do so. We don’t believe in charging customers for unnecessary parts if they can be reliably repaired. If we do need to replace a part, chances are we’ll already have it on site. We’re one of the very few plumbers in Lewes that carry a healthy stock of commonly used parts in our van. That means we can replace the part without any unnecessary delays, which is a lifesaver when you need to get your boiler up and running as soon as possible.

Of course sometimes more obscure parts for less common boilers need to be replaced, and we’ve got no problem taking that on as well. We have strong contacts with all the major distributors. That means we can source practically any part at a better price than the competition, and get it delivered swiftly. We’ll always agree a price with you before we install a new part.

Most boiler manufacturers recommend that their machines be serviced every year. Most people don’t bother, but it’s actually an incredibly good idea. It can stop problems from developing before they start, which is vital for landlords, business owners and anyone else who really depends on their heating and hot water working at all times.

We recommend that people get their boilers serviced every summer. This means they can avoid problems in the winter ahead, when boiler issues become more crucial. If you have your boiler serviced in the summer you can be reasonably confident that your boiler will be in full working order for at least 12 months.

Boiler services are also mandatory if you have an extended warranty on your boiler. Most manufacturers won’t pay out on the warranty if you don’t have a full service history for your boiler.

Our servicing takes just over an hour for most models of boiler. It consists of a comprehensive, 18 check point cleaning and visual inspection. This intensive diagnostic procedure will immediately alert you to any current issues with your boiler, and will let you fix them before they become more expensive or more inconvenient.

A boiler service is an inexpensive procedure that could save you a lot of money in the long run, so get in touch with us now to schedule yours.

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