Landlord Gas Safety Inspections

If you’re a landlord you’ll probably be aware of the law surrounding gas safety inspections. If you rent out a property that has gas central heating or other gas appliance then you have to get a gas safety inspection every twelve months by law. It’s a vital service that we’re happy to provide to landlords and other property owners in the Lewes area. On average, we’re the cheapest plumbers in Lewes for this service.

The law makes gas safety inspections a necessity for rented properties, but they are also a good idea for homeowners too. Although gas safety problems are rare, they do occasionally crop up, and it’s always good to have the peace of mind that your house is safe.

Our Inspections

Our gas inspections are incredibly thorough. We’ll check every single aspect of the system. If there is a point where safety problems can occur, we’ll find it. We’ll check the entire system for gas tightness, check the pressure/gas rate, ventilation and flue flow, physical stability, unsafe operation and more.

We don’t just check boilers and central heating systems; we’ll check every gas appliance, including fireplaces, ovens and hobs. We’ll also check peripheral parts of the system like the pipe work.

We have a deep understanding of manufacturers specifications across thousands of different types of gas appliances. One of the major reasons for gas safety problems is when appliances are installed or used with a disregard to these recommendations. We’ll ensure that every appliance in your property has been installed correctly and is being used just as it should be.


Once the inspection is complete, we will issue you with a gas safety certificate by email. This will prove that your property has been certified gas safe for the next twelve months. You should keep this certificate safe, as the authorities, as well as new tenants, may demand to see it.

Gas Safe Registration

Only registered Gas Safe engineers are certified to work on gas appliances. This certification is absolutely vital for the safety of our customers. Gas appliances are complex and intricate machines. Our Gas Safe registration is your assurance that our engineers are qualified not only to safely service gas appliances, but also to thoroughly check for safety problems. As you might expect, only registered Gas Safe engineers can issue a gas safety certificate for your property.

Customer Service

We understand that your time is valuable, whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner. That’s why we offer flexible appointments. That means flexible for you, not for us. Unlike many other Lewes plumbers, we don’t just offer “morning” or “evening” appointments. You will always know exactly when our engineers are coming to inspect your property, and punctuality is extremely important to us.

Schedule an Inspection Today!

Our gas safety inspections cost just £20 (plus VAT) when you also have a boiler service. This is an incredibly competitive rate that is unmatched by any other plumbers in Lewes. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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